Stop Getting Scammed! and Protect Your Business With FraudLabs Pro


FraudLabs Pro is a fraud detection solution designed to help you reduce the risk of fraud. By using this software, you can easily identify potential threats to your business by looking at millions of data points across multiple databases and sources. Not only does FraudLabs Pro help prevent fraudulent activity from occurring in the first place, but it also helps catch it when it does happen so that there are no consequences for your company.

What Is FraudLabs Pro?

FraudLabs Pro is a fraud detection API that has been developed by the team at Interswitch to provide businesses with real-time intelligence on transactions. It provides businesses with real-time data and insights that can be used to fight fraud, prevent losses and increase revenue.

The platform uses machine learning algorithms to analyze millions of transaction records in order to identify fraudulent activity. This helps merchants determine if their customers are legitimate or not, reducing their risk of falling victim to fraudsters who may try and steal their money

Who Should Use FraudLabs Pro?

FraudLabs Pro is a fraud protection solution designed to help businesses of any size prevent fraudulent transactions and protect their customers from payment fraud. While it’s best suited for online businesses, FraudLabs Pro can also be used by brick-and-mortar companies that accept online payments through third-party payment processors.

FraudLabs Pro is ideal for:

  • Any business that accepts online payments
  • Any business that accepts payments through a third-party payment processor (such as Stripe or Square)
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What Types of Fraud Does FraudLabs Pro Cover?

FraudLabs Pro helps you detect and prevent fraudulent transactions, chargebacks, refunds, and account openings. We can help you:

  • Identify unusual patterns of suspicious activity on your network
  • Reduce the number of fraudulent transactions with our advanced fraud detection algorithms that identify fraudsters before they commit fraud
  • Quickly respond to all attempts at committing fraud by providing you with real-time notifications of suspicious activity

How FraudLabs Pro Works

FraudLabs Pro is an API-only solution. You can integrate it with your existing payment systems without the need to install hardware or software.

It works with any payment gateway, processor, and POS system. It also works with any e-commerce platform for online transactions.

Benefits of Using FraudLabs Pro for Your Business

All of these benefits can help to reduce the risk of fraud, reduce the cost of fraud and increase the speed at which it is detected. This means that you are able to identify and investigate fraudulent transactions much more quickly than before, making it easier to prove or disprove an allegation of fraud.

The technology has been built with an intuitive interface so that anyone in your business will be able to use it effectively without any training required.

By using FraudLabs Pro to reduce the risk of fraud, you can protect your business.

In order to reduce the risk of fraud, you need to protect your business. FraudLabs Pro helps you do exactly that by uncovering and stopping chargebacks that would have otherwise resulted in negative impacts on your business’s revenue and customer satisfaction.

With FraudLabs Pro:

  • You can reduce chargebacks by identifying fraudulent transactions before they’re processed, so you don’t have to bear the cost of processing them again. This means that your sales will be higher than they would’ve been if those transactions had gone through as planned.
  • You’ll increase customer satisfaction because all customers can trust that their information is safe with you—and because they’ll feel confident making purchases from a company whose security measures are second-to-none.
  • And since happier customers are more likely to purchase again, it follows that these increased revenues will help keep your business afloat long into the future!


FraudLabs Pro can help your business protect itself from fraud. By using FraudLabs Pro to reduce the risk of fraud, you can protect your business.

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