CARDZ3N Gateway for WooCommerce


Seamlessly integrates into the Magento Checkout Page, keeping customers on your site during the purchase process.

User Experience

Enhances customer trust and security by allowing them to stay on your site while purchasing.


Offers the ability to add a custom title for the gateway, enabling full branding of the payment process to match your website.

Refund Support

Supports refunds directly from the Order Page, streamlining the rebate process for both merchants and customers.

Security Requirement

Requires a valid SSL Certificate for security reasons, ensuring a secure transaction environment.

Additional Security

Includes a card CVV code requirement, adding an extra layer of protection for transactions.

Testing Environment

Allows switching between Sandbox and Live modes, facilitating testing before going live.

Magento Compatibility

Supports Magento 2 up to version 2.4.6-p2, ensuring compatibility with recent Magento versions.


The product is available from $199.00 per year, offering different licensing options including single site license and support.

Key Features Summary

Key features include seamless checkout integration, custom title addition, refund support, sandbox and live mode switching, and mandatory card CVV code.