Moneris Checkout Payment Gateway


  • You must have a Moneris Gateway Merchant Account
  • You need Store ID which you use to login to Moneris Gateway Merchant Account.
  • You need API Token and Checkout ID which can be generated by following below guide.

Setup Guide

Inside the Moneris Gateway merchant account, you need to obtain an API Token. Go to My Account and click on the ADMIN. Then click on Store Settings and click on the button to generate an API Token.

Now once you got your API Token you need to create a Checkout ID. To generate the same click on Admin and select Moneris Checkout Config.

Once you are at the Moneris Checkout Configuration Page you need to Create a New Profile.

On this page you find your Checkout ID and to make sure it works with our plugin you need to select Checkout Type as ā€œI have my custom order form and want to use Moneris simply for payment processing.ā€œ