Moneris Direct CA Payment Gateway for Gravity Forms

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Product Description

Moneris is a leading provider of payment processing solutions, known for its innovative and secure solutions. They understand the importance of technology, innovation, and people in payment processing and always strive to deliver the best possible experience to their customers.

This plugin combines the power of the gateway with the user-friendly platform of Gravity Forms.

This payment processing solution is designed to deliver a seamless and secure payment process, ensuring peace of mind for businesses and their customers.

Key Features

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Integration with Gravity Forms form builder
  • Secure payment processing with SSL certificate requirement
  • Acceptance of normal payments (not recurring/subscription payments)

Benefits for Businesses

  • Seamless and secure payment processing
  • Customizable payment forms to match the look and feel of the website
  • Ability to focus on growing the business without worrying about payment security

Support and Updates

Every purchase of a Single Site license comes with a minimum of 1 year of support and updates. This can be upgraded to 5 Years of Support and Updates for even more peace of mind.



Getting Started

A.) Moneris Credentials

To get started you need Store ID and API to get these follow the documentation here.


B.) Savings Credentials in Gravity Forms

Once you have got the Store ID and API Key enter them in the Moneris Direct CA Settings section under GravityForms Settings.



C.) Creating a Form

Create a Form to Accept Payments. Following are the steps you can go through to create an example form.

Now you need to create a form that should at least contain Name, Email, Phone, and Address Fields along with a field accepting payment amount from a customer or a Product.

Below is an example of the form.




D.) Creating a Form Feed

Once you have saved your form creating a feed is simple from the available links at the top select Settings => Moneris Direct CA select this option and then click Add Feed. You should now see a page similar to below.

Here select either Products and Services or Donations based on what you want to do. Most of the fields should be auto-selected if you have created the form as mentioned above.

Some additional fields you can add are Customer ID and Invoice Number. While Customer ID is one that can be used to identify customers uniquely in Moneris and can be set to either from email ID or anything of your choice.

And Invoice Number Field is for sending custom Invoice Numbers that you might want these payments to be accepted against.



You might also want to customize Notifications and Confirmations Settings which are out of the scope of this Documentation.

Once you are done setting Feed you are ready for accepting payments.

You should also check more documentation about creating forms at

Additional Information


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Included Support and Updates for 1 year., Included Support and Updates for 5 year.


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12.03.24 - Ver. 1.2.0

- Updated to be resolve a issue where some payments were not being marked as paid through payment was received in account.

11.12.23 - Ver. 1.1.8

- Updated to be compatible with latest version of Gravity Forms.

18.11.22 - Ver. 1.1.6

- Resolved the issue where the Form is Submitted event is not triggered.
- Made "Please wait while we are processing your Transaction." translatable.

29.04.22 - Ver. 1.1.5

- Resolved the PHP errors being triggered during the 3D Secure process.
- And also resolved a issue where sometimes the duplicate entry was being created.

12.10.21 - Ver. 1.1.4

- Updated the plugin to disable the auto-updates check to avoid site slowdown issues. Will re-enable it once the issues is resolved.
- Have added support for 3D Secure 2+

25.03.21 - Ver. 1.1.3

- Added support for AVS and CVD checks.
- Now sends Customer Address along with phone and email address to Moneris.
- Added support to set Custom Statement Descriptor.

05.02.21 - Ver. 1.1.2

- Updated the plugin to resolve a bug that was slowing the backend.

14.05.19 - Ver. 1.1.1

- Updated the plugin to add support for updates via WordPress Admin Panel.