PayWay API (Westpac) Gateway for WooCommerce

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Product Description

Are you tired of the complex and time-consuming process of integrating a credit card processing API into your e-commerce website? Westpac has the solution for you! Introducing PayWay API, a certified and secure credit card processing API that simplifies the integration process and eliminates the hassle of development and security tasks.

With PayWay API, Westpac will authorize the credit card transactions in real time, providing you with an immediate approval or decline response. This means that your customers will have a seamless and smooth checkout experience, with no delays or hold-ups.

The PayWay API gateway is designed specifically for use with WooCommerce, making the integration process even easier. With the API gateway, you’ll be able to receive a same-day settlement for Visa and MasterCard transactions completed before 6 pm Sydney time. This is a huge advantage for businesses that need to manage their finances in real time.

The PayWay API is fully secure, with Westpac taking care of all the security measures to ensure that your customers’ data is protected. However, it’s important to note that your website must have a valid SSL Certificate to use the API for security reasons.

In conclusion, the PayWay API (Westpac) Gateway for WooCommerce is the perfect solution for businesses looking to simplify the integration process and provide a seamless and secure checkout experience for their customers.

Say goodbye to the headache of development and security tasks and let Westpac handle it all for you.

And this Plugin allows WooCommerce Store Owners to accept Credit Card payments on-site without redirecting the customers. Thus enhancing the user experience.

NOTE: You need to have SSL Certificate Installed on your site.


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